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vilnius / lithuania


vilnius academy of arts

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I'm Almantas Kunskas, a young fashion designer who graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts and welcome to my world of colour! Fashion has always been a form of self-expression for me, allowing me to unleash my creative potential through the construction of a garment, the patterns in the material and the form, thus creating a close artistic contact with the human being. When designing the collection, it was important to me that the garment not only conveyed a functional sense of wearability, but also evoked a sense of nostalgia.
This womenswear collection ,,life is like a kaleidoscope" was inspired by the nostalgic objects characteristic of the childhood of Generation Z in Lithuania (~1995-2012). The main goal of this creative work is to create a ready-to-wear collection of women's clothing by using unique fabric patterns reflecting objects that are instantly recognizable and evoke nostalgia in the members of Generation Z. They are combined based on the principle of a toy kaleidoscope. Upon conducting a survey among the members of Generation Z, ten objects that are most appealing to them were identified: the Nokia phone, Uno cards, beach toys for kids, Miglė chocolates, a LRT children's television show character Mėta Meškinija, Irisas toffees, Hubba Bubba chewing gum, Fortūna chocolates and a greeting card that says “Wishing You a Lot of Joy”. These objects are seen as a toy kaleidoscope reminiscent of childhood, creating different patterns. Designs based on this principle both recreate these objects in the fabric and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

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