Homs Arthaus

Grey Sheep



berlin / germany


ESMOD São Paulo + Centro Universitário SENAC

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Homs Arthaus is an art and design brand based in Berlin. Our ambition is to challenging the perception of how we see menswear Today. And our mission is to keep integrating innovation, sustainability and conception into all of our creations. 

For the SS17 collection we have designed a collection of jumpsuits to cater for the modern fashionable man available in illustration printed designs, and the minimalist look. Our signature, is the interference between art and design, with the aim to provoke and challenge the wearer and his surroundings. The fabric is carefully chosen with sustainability and comfort in mind, and resides from a local organic manufacturer in south Germany. The production being just as important, is taking place at a small family owned business in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Every details of creating this collection have been the highest importance to Homs Arthaus, and to which we hope to accomplish what we set out to do – taking the first step in creating bold and innovative menswear.

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