Grey Sheep


Haifa / israel

I was born in a small city near the Mediterranean Sea in northern Israel,
I am a fashion design graduate from Wizo institute of fashion
I believe inspiration can be found in everything; from the grains of sand in the beach to the stars in the sky.
Ever since I can remember myself I was expressing my life through art, dance and music, I have a curios mind and I am very interested in nature, architecture, technology and science and how it is possible from these fields to create new and original fashion
In my art work I always try to make my views upon the world and fashion coincide in harmony, my passion about geometrical shapes and how they can contribute to fashion is one of my key guidelines
I seek to create my own signature by using my original designs, unique art methods such as prints, laser cuts and textile manipulation.
My collection is a manifest of the combination between natural materials and artificial ones.

Latest Collection