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barcelona / spain

HEX is an underground techno movement and an independent clothing line from Barcelona. We create dark-style clothing and accessories for leaders of the techno industry and we create heavy, memorable events with leaders of the techno industry.
We are inspired by history and we pioneer the creation of refined, minimal and practical products that are perfect to be worn in the realms of dark, urban spaces. For each campaign, we push the boundaries of user-emotion and create conceptual worlds, where our users are transported. We break down the standard silhouette and reimagine it, building from the ground up a new-age, HEX vision. All HEX Clothing products are designed, developed and handmade in Barcelona. Our logo is a symbol of our belief, and has various meanings for us: the horizontal lines represents 'Man' and 'Woman', bound together by the vertical, HEX. The horizontals can also symbolise 'Techno' and 'Fashion' - our two elements that inspire us everyday.
HEX Clothing has been worn by people all around the world, and has been supported by some of the world's biggest Techno artists. Check out our "HEX Bag" campaign for more.

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