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budapest / hungary

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As the founder of the Héria Enamel brand, I design characteristic jewelry and I touch upon every part of the process in order to represent a unique, handmade design with extravagant and innovative look. The primarily base of the ’HE’ composition is the enamel along with the copper and the sterling silver. I compose jewelry for women who know what they want, and not affraid to go for it. Dedicated, determined ladies with refined attitude. As I compose all of my work handmade, i know how much confidence such unique piece could give which is not hiding on the wrist or on the neck of the owner. These products need to be worn with pride and dignity. As all of my jewelry are made based on individual ideas, there are relatively few ones with similar outlook which is the result of the production technology. Héria Enamel design is part of unique and small series, that being so they are unrepeatable, making the person who owns them more special and unique.

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