Helga Kovacs

Black Sheep


budapest / hungary


moholy nagy university of art and design

Graduation year


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Helga Kovacs designs and makes accessories in leather, following her personal search made of formal solutions that appear to be innovative and strict but at the same time ludic.
Her creative source comes from the creative approach of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy university of Budapest; after the first years spent working in her country (Hungary), since 2005 she has been working in Italy as a footwear designer in partnership with renowned Italian brands.
At the same time she felt the wish to create her own collection of handbags, backpacks and leather accessories thus creating her personal brand.
These are essential, monolithic, functional and contemporary items that maintain the craftsmanship and workmanship of the details, as well as the choice of precious materials that make her bags authentic evergreen items.
Her collections grow slowly, step by step, leaving details and volumes the time to mature, mostly responding to the accurate choice to go beyond the need of rapid changes often imposed by the world of fashion.

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