Hélène Litorelle

Black Sheep


kiev / ukraine

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Humanity has reached an incredible level of technological development, but our world continues to become more cold and aloof. We all want happiness and love, but we feel isolated in our space, disconnected and losing emotional unity with nature.

Back in time, humans shared indivisible bonds with the world of nature and felt like a part of it. By imitating the life of the universe in their rites and by this participating in its processes people had devoted a special sacral meaning to everyday and festive objects. The images and ornaments on jewellery and clothes were called upon to guard and help their owner.

Only after studying the art of previous generations and interpreting the signs and symbols that had been handed down to us as an inheritance, we will establish the connection of the times and be able to feel the relationship between all living creatures and unconditional love permeating the entire universe.

Using modern technology and natural fabrics, we incorporate the symbols and signs of our ancestors into our garments.

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