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Conceived and perceived as a disarming weapon, HAYA stands to empower the modern warrior goddess with high-end leather accessories. Our handcrafted seasonal-free designs are the 21-century heir of the ancient tanner techniques reinvented with modern technology.

Straying away from mass production, we dedicate ourselves to keeping the highest possible standards throughout the whole process - from using exceptional materials to processing, design and customer experience. So that every HAYA item could be viewed as a stand-alone leather piece of art.

A statement and a value, in and of itself, each handcrafted product carries the sacred energy instilled in it through the soul and the hands of the artisan. Authentic, raw, arousing.
Addiction to the seductive sensation of touching and working with the leather as a sensual “living” material.
Expressing and experiencing the female body as the essence of femininity, we praise its divinity with cult-like devotion. HAYA woman is a bold and proud temptress with loud and vivid sensuality.


HAYA is a manifestation of the synergy between the old and the progressive, between heritage and modernity.

It’s the product of the wildest imagination, artistic bravery, masterful artisanry and top-of-the-line technology.

All HAYA accessories are handcrafted by Tonya, our skilled artisan with special attention to texture and detail. We use only the finest leather and materials to ensure the exquisite look, feel and quality of every single item. We operate in Europe and try to support and revive the old craftsmanship techniques of producing luxury leather goods that are deeply rooted in this part of the world.

We adhere to the highest possible standards throughout the whole process of production - from the selection of materials, to design work and handcrafting. Treasuring and respecting the artisanal process that we believe luxury should stand for.
High-quality authentic leather guarantees that with age and use each accessory would develop its own look and character, becoming uniquely personal.


We are committed to ethical and responsible production by minimizing waste at every step of the process. We are using long-lasting high-quality materials and do our best to vet every component we purchase from our suppliers.
Most of our products are in limited quantities or pre-ordered, thus making only what is liked and desired by our followers and avoiding excess and overproduction.
All leather we use is a byproduct of the food industry, so no animal is bred for its skin only. Should it not be used in leather goods production, this animal skin would end up in the landfills and produce an extra environmental threat.


This is a story of going beyond what is immediately apparent and finding your soulmate along the way.

A story of surrender to the impulse to be honest and instinctive before you can truly manifest yourself in a rough and intimate way.

HAYA emerged as cosmic synchronicity between two spirits that breathe alike - Tonya Georgieva, a visionary, an experimenter and a dreamer, and Vladislava Lupo, a professional musician by vocation and creative artist by devotion.

Tonya has dedicated her whole life to drawing, designing and discovering art in its various forms. She thrives in a world of creative chaos where her various talent and rebellious spirit are constantly curious for new challenges.

Vladislava is an artist with many faces who is constantly searching for new ways to express her spirit and vision. She started her design career as a next step artistic project after being a professional musician touring the world. First, she explored her talents within the realms of interior design before embarking on the adventure of creating her own brand for luxury leather goods. Her inner restlessness and thirst for artistic self-realization always push her further in exploring the unknown.

HAYA is a creative journey guided by the genuine symbiosis between the gifted inner worlds of two souls. Their innate passion for design, mixing techniques, and playing with colors and shapes led them to create HAYA as a brand and beyond. It is the artistic result of the metaphysical connection between the energy of two human beings with a common aesthetic vision.