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HARDOT is a premium Romanian shoe brand, established in July 2014, born from the passion for shoes of the designer Dana Iuga and the business initiative of her partner Alina Popa. Firmly believing that shoes are the strong point of every outfit, the two worked hard until they achieved the perfect shoe: 12 cm high heel, precisely calculated curve and exciting cut - therefore the name, HARDOT. Designed to emphasize the elegance of the ankles and the sensuality of a tight leg muscularity, HARDOT shoes underline the femininity of the woman wearing them.

The main attributes of the HARDOT shoe is defined by exceptional quality and highly attractive design. The shoes are entirely made of natural leather – interior, exterior, sole - carried out on italian shoe lasts. The stamp on the sole "Made in Romania" states that a Romanian brand can easily meet the high quality standard fashion consumer aims at.

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