Grey Sheep


berlin / germany


udk - universität der künste berlin

Graduation year


The identity of HÄNSKA comes from our hearts. Growing organically since the launch of the original CATAMARAN Rucksack in 2013, we have gradually expanded our range of products along with our team.

The creative marriage of industrial-, product- and fashion design within our team gives us the means to explore and to create products using our wide range of expertise. Every design is realized with unconventional rules of construction. We give ourselves space for experimentation, allowing for chance encounters that bring forth a new aesthetic language. We find inspiration in traditional packaging elements and combine them with a love for geometric shapes. We are always in search of new materials, which change the direction of subtle details in the final product. We design our items with a new generation of active, creative users in mind; users whose daily journeys seamlessly move from urban to outdoor environments, where work and adventure melt into one.

All our products are handmade in our Berlin-based Studio by talented craftsmen/women. Producing right inside our design studio is an invaluable aspect of our approach, as we can be in constant communication with one another, allowing the production process to flourish.

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