Haifa Fahad

Grey Sheep


riyadh / saudi arabia

Haifa Fahad encompasses a world of women’s extremes. A positively powerful expression of all the beautiful things, ideas, characters, possibilities, flaws, gifts, experiences and feelings every kind of “she” can be.
Standing strong in Independence, Haifa Fahad is an artistic depiction of contemporary womanhood. A number of dynamic definitions finely and daringly (simultaneously) detailing feminine prowess.
From ready to wear metallics, actual metal, and a gritty layering, to fairly tale couture, silks and evening elegance, Haifa Fahad isn’t afraid to highlight the power of femininity in all its stunning variety.
From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Haifa Fahad personifies a new level of fashion inspiration, with designs that reflect a globally exposed and flamboyantly rebellious creativity. The helpless odes to her Arabian home are represented effortlessly, proudly, evidently and throughou.

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