Grey Sheep


lille / france


Lycée des Métiers de la mode , Madame de Sévigné

Graduation year


GURSHA is, in a first place, an experimental label around the association, the mixture, the discovery between two cultures. This word is very representative in Ethiopian gastronomy, reputed to be shared by many. "Gursha" means "bite" in Amharic language, an act is symbol of sharing, welcome and love. My Ethiopian origins have given me a taste for culture, which allows me to revalue the traditions of this country that has seen me born, by researching colors, materials, shapes, fabrics, and even the accessories .

Today I present you "L'ORIGINE", my first collection:
A first collection that was very revealing in my opinion, in natural tones, especially green. A deep green, very symbolic color, both in nature and in the orthodox religion, very present in the Ethiopian tradition. So I try to mix African tradition and Western modernity. It is also a way for me to pay homage to these two so different universes. I want to share through art in general, my representation of the double culture, my vision of Africa, and my story too, as in-between.

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