Gung Ho

White Sheep


london / England


edinburgh college of art

Gung Ho Design is a sustainable fashion brand, operating out of a small studio space in Battersea. Predominantly womenswear, we sell a range of clothing & accessories from earrings to embroidered sweatshirts and detailed printed dresses for fashion conscious young professionals. Each and every garment has a hidden meaning within the design. A talking point at its heart. Whether it's the struggles of the Amur Leopard or the British bee crisis, we aim to connect people with important issues through subtleties in the design. We really want to engage and educate through design.

That way, you not only wear what you love, but what you believe in. So the next time someone compliments you on your skirt, you have a little more to say than just ‘thanks’.

We're also supporting a number of charities that work closely with every cause we choose to support.
So whether you find a design that's important to you, or simply fall for the print, we donate to a charity that’s making a difference.