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antwerp / belgium

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Guillory is a mix of vintage romantic glamour and contemporary ethnic design.
The label's strength is to be found in the attention to details and meticulous finishing of every item.

Anastasia Komleva, designer for GUILLORY, takes us to a world of effortless beauty and modern elegance, combining contemporary luxury with 70's glam-rock influences.
These special pieces of jewelry will spice up any outfit and give it a new twist.
GUILLORY always makes sure there is something for everyone: extra long silk tassel earrings on a vintage T-shirt to go party at Coachella or shorter crystal studded spiked earrings for a sexy night out.

All items are handmade, with meticulous attention to detail and design, only using the finest materials to make sure the result is a truly exclusive luxury product.
A wide selection of rich but de-saturated colors go from pearly grey to scarlet red, always combined with carefully picked Swarovski crystals.
Lightweight silk tassels have been hand dyed to get a one-off color ombré that makes these pieces so special, nothing about this process is standard.
The black crystal spiked earrings bring a daring and contemporary edge, they channel a supervillain-chic that works alone, or combined with the embellished leather bracelets.