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Guillermo Jester was born in Mexico City, studied Fashion Design and started working with indigenous artisans from many parts of Mexico since 2009, mainly in the state of Chiapas. He learned traditional textile techniques, such as back-strap and pedal loom, embroidery and iconography of different regions in Mexico.
He won the second place in Mexico Diseña by Elle Mexico 2017, the most important fashion reality show in Mexico, which supports fashion designers in the whole country. He also participated in 2014 winning the 1st place for the best man design, whom which Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the judges on the final.
Entrepreneur and founder of the unisex Mexican fashion brand Guillermo Jester, aiming to position Mexican artisanal design in the world, presenting his first collection in Milan, Italy. He had been published in many digital and printed magazines, such as Elle, L'officiel and Vogue Mexico Magazine and others.

The brand Guillermo Jester represents the cultural interlace between Mexico and the world, a vision of contemporary design with traditional indigenous textile techniques. A different perspective in a globalized world, where fair trade and to know the origin of each piece and the producers is essential.

The fusion between industrial textiles and fabrics made by indigenous artisans, with techniques as pedal loom and waist loom weaving, textiles natural dyed and hand embroidery. Based on the appreciation of the geometric silhouettes of traditional garments in a contemporary world, versatility in forms, textures and timelessness where gender and shape have no relevance. The bonding between the designs with the artisans is essential for the proposal, having an exchange of knowledge of fashion and craftsmanship represented directly in the garments.

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