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academy of art tbilisi

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GUDU is a Georgian-Ukrainian brand of women's clothing, founded in 2015 by designer Lasha Mdinaradze. GUDU Atelier is based in Kiev. Mdinaradze (born in Tbilisi) graduated from Tbilisi Iakob Nikoladze Art College, later from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Worked at Fashion House Materia (Tbilisi) as a designer. Won the Benext Fashion Design Contest and left to Florence to study design at Accademia Italiana. After graduating, worked as an art-director at Ugly fashion brand, shown at Art Georgia project (Paris) and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. In 2015 moved to Kiev, where created the brand GUDU. GUDU creates daring clothes with complicated structure. At the same time it’s feminine and practical. Aggressive and provocative at first sight, there’s always the place for the soft silhouettes and naive details.