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GRIE is a sacvoyage bags mono-brand inspired by the desire to create timeless things that will last for many years. The brand of handmade custom bags from Ukraine was created by Alisa Grishaeva in 2016. Growing up in a creative atmosphere she was influenced by her mother, a fashion designer. Alisa fell in love with leather and saw an opportunity to create something special.

Frustrated by trade-offs in the fashion world, she set up an ambitious goal: to make a product with the highest quality possible. The sacvoyage design is conscious and minimalistic — no unnecessary details or questionable materials. For a bag to remain relevant for years to come it must be classic and durable.

The GRIE sacvoyage arsenal has models of different sizes, colors and styles. The brand's collections include business, casual, travel and even backpack sacvoyages. Sacvoyages united by one philosophy — these are timeless accessories, relevant throughout ever changing fashion trends.

GRIE are bags that accompany their owners from year to year making them feel special. During manufacture we follow the handmade leathercraft traditions. Alisa believes that conscious product development is a key ingredient of a luxury item.

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