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Grand Bassin AT sample-cm.

Emerging as spiritual athletes. Unapologetic humans. Uncompromising experts and offside champions. You claim having a mind of your own. Demanding high quality and cutting edges. You are requesting sharpness. Daring innovation and expecting contrast.

You feel like getting off the bench. Awakening your Berlin impulse. Pooling your skills and riding the punch. You risk stepping into the Grand Bassin fields. Jumping in at the deep end* and joining the team.

Now fitting your equipment. Strapping your gear, modulating your kit and making it your own. Your keep strengthening your talent. Mastering your uniqueness and sporting your way.   

Created in 2015 by Margot Charbonnier, who graduated in sociology and fashion from Central Saint Martins. Sample-cm’s Grand Bassin* kits are made exclusively in Berlin-Neukölln Germany.

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