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Gotal Ryam’s love for fashion from a very young age stems from growing up with a mother who was a seamstress with a love for Boy George’s music. For it was Boy George’s music, not his hyper fashion that inspired her to take an interest in fashion.

Following a move from Paris to London in early 2010, Gotal Ryam ended up in Soho where her interest in fashion was confirmed. Her desire to draw beautiful garments lead her to the prestigious Central Saint Martins where she studied fashion drawing.
Simple and minimalist, Gotal Ryam has a style that gets straight to the heart of the matter with a timeless collection of elegant and modern lines. Her unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity.

Creating a new definition of her own vision of Fashion, the “Pret à Couture”. She follows no rules.

For inspiration, Gotal is drawn to her fears, anxieties, and her joys. Above all her soul is a source of inspiration. She transforms all of this into art.

Throughout her life, Gotal has learnt the importance of persevering. She believes that Perseverance is the key success of any achievement.

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