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Consorcio Escuela de Joyería De Córdoba

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Glenda Lopez´s career began in 2002, she started by designing and selling her own jewelry creations for shops and on special request. She was obtaining professional experience in the world of fashion. From 2005 until 2008 she began her studies in Design and Product Development in the Jewelry school of Cordoba.

The designer learned jewelry techniques from great professionals, craftsmen and designers. She acquired new techniques of jewelry making and its applications, she discovered great abilities and created her own style. Parallel to this she continued working for a fashion brand, as an accessories designer, participating in national and international fashion shows (SIMOF, SIMM, Prêt a Porter Paris). The brand was presented in parades and fashion editions. Public personalities began to take an interest in her accessories. Meantime she continued making and selling her own collections in fashion stores and on request, whilst continuing with her formation as a jewelry designer.

The young designer later began studying at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, specializing in Artistic Jewelry, where she learned new concepts and a contemporary vision of the jewelry trade, as well as a new artistic language. A period of personal and professional changes. At the start of the course she was hired by a Jewelry Company. She managed the workshop and designing. After that she began to undertake her own professional project.

In July 2010 she created her studio-workshop of jewelry design. It is here that the designer coordinates and manages the development of her collections, a unique idea of jewelry design with a new language, sarcastic and funny pieces . Her aim is to provide the fashion market with a middle-high acquisition product, without sacrifying the quality of the process applied to traditional jewelry. The designer creates collections, series or unique and exclusive pieces of jewelry in permanent or limited editions. With a delicate taste and an occasional quirk. Glenda works with the most varied visual elements as possible, from the most delicate flower or animal, to the coldness and aggresiveness of mechanical objects and robots. From the pure reproduction of objects found and reinvented into new jewelry pieces, to the creation of cubes and other geometrical shapes.

An attempt to innovate the preconceived ideas of contemporary jewelry and to reach an alternative public, that considers it to be a special element of their look but at the same time to be affordable on a price level. All this without forgetting the quality typical of handmade jewelry and importance of each detail.

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