Giulia Venier

Grey Sheep



My name is Giulia, I'm a fashion design student in Polimoda, Florence. I graduated in Architecture in Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, which is the place i come from.
After graduating I decided to move to Forence but I kept very strong the connection with my land and with the rhythms of life and the sense of authenticity. There are two personalities that live in me, one extremely linked to the tradition and the joy of slow living that are the lessons wich I grew up with, and one very curious and extrovert that drives me every day to discover, research and tell stories. With my projects I always try to explain the emotions and the richness of the inner world of someone who, like me, is in contradiction and commotion but has a strong sensibility to what surrounds her.
I like to manipulate, modify and embellish materials and fabrics to make them unique.
I love to embroider, creating heterogeneous surfaces, and I am very intrested in the use of colour, which is one of the main components of my projects.

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