Black Sheep


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University of Rome

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After successful years in International Relations, Giulia Barela dedicated herself to more creative jobs. She began by learning the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax casting, the results from the start were brilliant. Equally intuitive was the choice of material chosen for such an art, first bronze for its inherent sculptural quality, then silver for its ever changing light.
Finally, 2011 marks the year where all of Giulia Barela’s creative inspirations are liberated to freely flow. Giulia Barela’s passion for travel has allowed her to accumulate many emotional experiences and observations which have been integrated into her design technique.
Visual influences permeate throughout her collections ranging from contours and textures of nature to traditional textile designs, architectural forms and light effects.
All these elements trigger new creative impulses.
The first sale, award, exhibition, inspirations, creative growth and satisfaction, continuously multiplied and Giulia Barela’s designs discover new international horizons.
Rome, Milan, Paris and London serve as a stage to the collections that have since come from design and production where each every piece is signed by Giulia and created in her atelier in the heart of ancient Rome.

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