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Potenza / italy

Before being a brand, Giovanna Quaratino is meant to be a mind with a soul able to create, to craft guided by the instinct and the passion. The design project philosophy takes inspiration by simple observation, or autobiographical insights coming from an ancient family tradition, started with a tiny fabrics’ boutique in a delicate town settled in Basilicata, in the south of Italy. The boutique used to purchase only a small amount of the needed fabrics, making the creation of its clothes limited and exclusive.
Giovanna Quaratino will carry on this excellence and high-class tradition. The keystone is preserving the experimental attitude, which bounds the tradition and the modernity, that can suite a timeless woman as well a timeless man, both self-confident, who pay attention to details, to colours and comfort. Colorful and soft garments that adapt to more physicality. Timeless collections that take their name from the concept of inspiration and not from the season. The entire production process of Giovanna Quaratino takes place in Italy and focuses mainly on quality production and on tailoring. The idea of Giovanna Quaratino is to produce unique garments made with limited fabrics, of the 70s and 80s, to avoid over-abundance and repetitiveness. Fundamental parts are the unique design and the attention to details, who dress Giovanna Quaratino is out of the rules.

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