Giacomo Frasson

Grey Sheep





Graduation year


I was born Giacomo in Frasson family, just before the Spring but in time to enjoy its arrival, in a cautious and calm Padua. That external imprinting developed a taste for going out in the sleepy, lukewarm nights. I try to rediscover myself through small, casual and daily gestures, trying to understand how I am: maybe that’s our daily routine that best represents ourselves. By high school, being my studies within the field of art and architecture, I got closer to the activities in which it is needed to do research and compose, understand something, design. Then, I continued my studies with the Fashion Design course at the IUAV University of Venice, where I became fascinated by the details and the precise and calibrated aspects involved in developing an idea, once you get to work on it from the inception to the full form of a dress or an accessory. I began experimenting on menswear, where I saw a field full of prejudices to play with and patterns to innovate, trying to exploit my love for casual drawings and compositions that develop on a sheet of paper during a long phone call with your best friend.

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