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Even with an educational and professional background in tech engineering, fashion always was the obvious direction Ghizlane wanted to pursue.
After watching the documentary “True Cost” and researching the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, Ghizlane realized that the shift towards a more conscious and sustainable industry is mandatory.
L2R was created as a catalyst for change in the fashion industry, and a solution to the material and chemical waste created in fabric production. By partnering with workers, artisans and small factories to utilize their deadstock fabric, we offer our clients a path to sustainability and the power to advance their values without compromising on personal style.
For decades, the fashion industry has been a damaging force in the environment and a barrier to sustainable living. From manufacturing to production, the creation of a garment leaves a trail of toxic chemicals, exploited resources, and demoralized communities. The overproduction of fabric only furthers this impact, as brands and designers move on to begin production for their next seasonal line and leave behind unused fabric.
As a newly emerging brand, our mission is to integrate green thinking into each aspect of L2R. In partnering with small factories to purchase their fabric waste we divert these materials from landfills and offer local factories a new revenue stream. These fabrics are then skillfully woven by a dedicated team of artisans, allowing for a job flow that will increase as L2R expands over time. After assembling each garment any remaining fabric scraps are used to produce items for L2R's accessory line, including bags and hair accessories, and scraps that are unfit for use are donated to toy makers to be used as stuffing. L2R is currently working toward donating additional scraps for industrial recycling in isolation material.
Every layer of our production allows for transparency, sustainability, and results in a final garment that our clients can wear with pride. NO WASTE NO BULLSHIT.
L2R offers a collection of one of a kind urban luxe pieces. Each design is created and curated by L2R’s collective, whose work includes a wide array of influences, from global culture, to musical genres and vintage design.
L2R’s innovative designs are focused on creating universal patterns and silhouettes, with diversity in fabric and texture. Our clothing often features gender fluid elements, with relaxed fits and oversized silhouettes that showcase bright colors, embroidery, prints, and impressions - most often with a combination of these components in a single design.
Our upcycled fabrics include wool, silks, satin, brocade, lace, wool, velvet, leather and denim. These textiles and patterns allow room to experiment with strong features and quirky elements for a true statement piece. Each garment is meant to be worn for any occasion, with no distinction between the time of day or the wearer’s destination.
L2R offers a limited collection of hand-made accessories, including jewelry, bags, and belts. These can be worn individually or to accessorize our garments. L2R has ongoing collaborations with a leather expert, a small goods maker, and a jewelry renovator and will likely expand accessory production in the near future.

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