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Central Saint Martins

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United Kingdom

The duo, Gale H. and Rachel C., have started their haute couture brand, Gh Luxury Lingerie, since 2017. Every piece of lingerie is made-to-measure. Not only does Gh provide a variety of lingerie; it also finds the niche in the market and develops Gh’s signature : “Lingerie as Outerwear.“

In 2019, Gh Luxury Lingerie has launched its 5th collection- ”Redefinition of Lingerie” fashion shows in New York, London, and Taipei. And for the 6th collection, “ Black Pearl” at PFW and some pieces were shown on FOX TV News. Gale and Rachel wanted to deliver a new concept about revolution of lingerie in this generation.

Gh means ‘Get Her, Get Hon and Get Hen.’ It is a brand stands for sexual equality and designs for all genders. ‘H’ refers to her, honey and hen. ‘Hen’ is Swedish for neutral gender. As a custom lingerie brand, Gh aims to target wider range of customers for all genders, shapes and sizes.

Although advertising ‘objectification of women’ and ‘selling sex’ are very common to see in the fashion industry, but It is not art or fashion. No women want to be viewed as an object. This kind of branding strategy is what Gale and Rachel strongly disagree with. They hope Gh wearers can truly love their bodies and show their glamorous looks with confidence.

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