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gh luxury lingerie is two designers' brand, owned by Gale Hung and Rachel Chen.

Gh literally means 'Get Her, Get Hon and Get Hen.' We are a lingerie brand stands for sexual equality. We design for all genders. 'H' refers to her, honey and hen. 'Hen' is a Swedish friendly term for neutral gender. Since sexuality has become blurred in this generation, lingerie design is no longer just for females. We hope everyone can truly love their bodies and show their glamorous looks with confidence.

Gh designers:

Gale Hung is one of Gh designers. In 2010, Gale worked at Alexander McQueen during her BA Womenswear studies at London College of Fashion. Inspired by Mcqueen’s delicate embroidery and textile, Gale dived into fabric collage, exploring different textiles from Western and Asian cultures. Fabulous colour, rich textile and unique handcraft become Gh signatures.
In 2016, Gale earned an MA from Central Saint Martins and also won the first place in the FDC yound designer awards in London. Thus, she had an opportunity to showcase her collection in New York 2017.

Rachel Chen is Gh designer and also creative director. She plays an indispensable role of Gh, essential to its brand positioning. Rachel has profound knowledge of history in western and eastern cultures and also has art background. From her very unique aesthetics in fashion and art, she always brings a lot of excitement and fashion laboratory of design experimentation to this brand, for example: edible lollipop panty in Gh 1st collection and aromatic lingerie in coming season.

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