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Inspired by human experience, Geraldine Garcia´s collections comment on the dualities of existence--logic and emotion, chaos and order, human and nature.

Each collection fuses classic designs with new techniques, striking a perfect balance to create pieces that are at once timeless and unique; exciting yet familiar. Exuding an elegant femininity, the looks are unpretentiously sophisticated, commanding attention without screaming for it.

The use of lightweight fabrics and liberal application of transparencies gives a romantic, summery air to her work. Precisely employed fabric manipulations such as volumes, laser cut, and stitching patterns lend uniqueness to every piece, while subtle, embroidered embellishments bring the garment to life.

Originally from El Salvador, Geraldine Garcia received her fashion education at IED at its campuses in fashion meccas Milan, Italy and Barcelona Spain. Since the beginning of her career one of my main purposes of founding her label in her country, was to give back to my community and develop its economy. Producing collections and selling commercially since 2011, Geraldine Garcia has shown her work in numerous fashion shows and been featured in several fashion editorials in print and appeared in national television programs.

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