Grey Sheep


barcelona / spain

Georgina Ordinas was born in 1986 in Palma de Mallorca. In 2004 when she moved to Barcelona to
study fashion design at the “Escuela Superior de Diseño” (ESDI), and then she was studing pattern
making at Felicidad Duce. Nowadays is forming within the traditional tailoring .
She worked as assistant for José Castro and now for Miguel Adrover.

Her first collection "Rrose" was finalist in Project Modafad-T (September 2009), winner of Mallorca
Fashion Show 2009, named Best Young Designer of Cataluña 2009 and selected for the Ego de Cibeles February 2010.

Their garment are noted for lineal and pure shapes with very studied finishes and are strongly influenced
by tailoring.

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