Gennaro Genni Velotti

Black Sheep


antwerp / belgium


Antwerp Academy of Fine Art - Fashion

Graduation year


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After graduating in Italy,in Design for Fashion System, I decided to focus on something more artistic, that could give me total freedom to express myself as designer.
The Royal Academy of Antwerp allowed me to do that. Since the beginning of my study, I have been pushed on the edge constantly, in order to find my own esthetic, my own World. Coming from an industrial design based University, helped me to combine and mix two different vision, one more strict, and one totally opposite, naive.
Womenswear has always fascinate me. The figure of the woman is a bold presence for my culture. Growing up in Napoli (Italy) was fundamental to understand that.
For this reason materials and shapes are extremely significant for my design; are the connection between the poetic part of the concept and the tangible elements of it.
"Via Esse n.6/7" is the perfect example of this idea.

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