Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london college of communication

Graduation year


Gemma Land is a luxury fashion label that combines the processes of contemporary photography and carefully constructed prints.

The process she uses is unique, the collections start with the photographs she shoots and are then constructed into the print designs. Gemma Land’s now works in limited edition collections, only one hundred scarves will be produced per design, they are created with the upmost care, using the finest printing and hand finished in France with the couture technique of hand rolling.

She likes to play with architecture and often uses symmetry to create impossible structures and hallucinogenic patterns. Her aesthetic lies between the romantic and the gothic, creating beautiful and yet often somewhat unsettling imagery.

Land’s background is in Fine Art Photography graduating from the much-acclaimed MA at London College of Communication. She has been awarded the Wolf & Badger Graduate Design Award in 2011 and the Creative Archive Award in 2010.

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