Grey Sheep


united states


the art institute of california, san francisco

Created with meticulous couture handcraft, our collections embody today’s sophistication with a glimpse into tomorrow’s glamour and form. Distinct in sculptural elegance, powerful in stylistic expression, and undeniable in fearless confidence, these are statement pieces that unleash your look's most provocative potentials.

Gelareh celebrates strength and sensuality, juxtaposed with fragility. We are motivated to provide people with a pure artistic sentiment. Empowered self-expression is beautiful and we celebrate it in everyone who wears our pieces.

“You see in my collections a celebration of freedom, a release from judgments, testaments of truth, or reflections of nature’s evolution. I often depict liberation from the ordinary and the shackles of convention. I’ve also explored glimpses of the future as filtered through the past. These are the concepts that interest me and inform my work and become the paint I use on the canvas of fashion.” _ Gelareh Alam

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