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In 2016, Marine Penet, Lille designer, FOUNDED gamme blanche ( « white range »).

Based on a pure vision of the jewelry, Gamme blanche ( french of "white range" ) was built on the idea that the finesse of materials, combined with the purity of design, are the keys to timelessness.

FOLLOWING this spirit, the brand is DEFINED by a pure line with mineral and graphic character, influenced by design, architecture and nature, in washed and icy tones.

EACH PIECE is designed in Lille. Made from 925 silver gold-plated OR SOLID GOLD ( 9K, 14K ) and set with FANCY stones, THE JEWELS are hand-made by craftsmen from Jaipur in the purest MAHARAJAS tradition - ancestral knowledge WORLDWIDE recognized.

Available in limited series, Gamme blanche collections reveal UNIQUE precious jewels with a refined and graphic style, combining French design and Indian know-how.

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