Gal Yakobovitch

Grey Sheep


brooklyn / united states


BFA Parsons The New School for Design

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united states

Gal Yakobovitch is a fashion Bio-maker based in NYC. Creating innovative, all natural biomaterials and hacking industrial manufacturing techniques to create zero-waste products.

This is a collaboration based brand, aiming to create new, ecologically innovative products.
For Collab inquiries: Designers and Craftsmen\women who are interested in developing biomaterial products please reach out by email

Previous Collaborations:
Makemoret Collective - Gal have collaborated with surfboard and sail makers in Mikhmoret, Israel to create a biodegradable surf-wear collection from hand-made biomaterials which mimic the toxic materials used for surfboard and sail production.
The materials and techniques are offered as open-source information on

Bio-Bag - is Gal’s most recent sustainable initiative collaboration with the Hong Kong based brand Luxarity - Lane Crawford. The production of the bag considered a circular model of design - from using locally-sourced natural materials, producing locally in NYC, and finally the end life and domestic biodegradability of the product.

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