Gaetano Pollice -Made in Italy-

Black Sheep


bologna / italy

Italy is my country.
Molise is where my heart is.
Molise It’s a small region.
A jewel in between the Apennines of
Sannita and the beaches of the Adriatic
And I'm Gaetano and I grew up in
Guglionesi, a town not too far from those
I grew up in the streets of the town, when
in November I could smell the olive oil mills
and in August the scent of tomatoes ready
for preserves.
I studied and lived both in Milan and
I traveled and, at times, worked in China,
Japan, Russia, Korea, India, the United
I cried with joy in Tokyo, Los Angeles,
Seoul and I cried with anger at the poverty
of Delhi and at the shining eyes of its
But then in the end I always come home.
And from here I start today, with the desire
to bring to life the traditions, the culture
and the flavors of Molise through my bags.
I like the idea of giving birth to my bags
from the hands of artisans who speak my
same language.
I imagine them walking through the streets
and alleys that I have seen me since I was
a child.
And I'd love to get them on a plane and let
them visit all the cities that I have visited
over the years.
I would like for them to speak to everybody
in a smart way. I do not like close minded
They are not just objects.
But they represent passion, love, joy. All
And if you manage to find at least one of
these things in one of my bags, then you
made me happy.

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