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maastricht / netherlands

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Material manifestations of energetic mutations, springing forth from the archetypal dichotomy between clarity and darkness, logos and chaos, heaven and hell. For both sides are complementary and vital of the same will to create, to shape, to form, through the ages, this field of tension constitutes the area where I as maker, think and work.

As 'jewellery maker', I believe that everything around us could be seen as jewellery, which means that everything is in fact able to carry or provoke mental and physical mutations, and pursuit ideals and narratives besides being merely functional or aesthetical. I believe therefore jewellery not to be a discipline, nor an artefact, but rather a mentality. Especially in a world over-saturated with products and brainwashed with consumerism, this conception lead me to ponder how to achieve creation (through, artefacts, spaces, images or words) that would create lasting impressions. This intellectual process, in turn, lead me to believe that design and craft is ultimately about communication, with designers, makers and artists as interpreters and messengers, translating aspects of life and matter into ‘something’ (other) people can comprehend, and thus acting as agents of change. Within these forever-changing cycles, my purpose is to redefine the conception of luxury and the way it should be manifested through ‘jewellery’, in the pursuit of achieving a 'better, brighter and more meaningful' life: a truly luxurious life.

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