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Fusc - Upcycled fashion and jewellery made in Berlin.
Fusc is a fashion and jewellery label based in Berlin that works with upcycled materials. Damaris Moos and Rosa Hirn met during their study at the Pforzheim university for design, where Damaris studied fashion and Rosa jewellery design. They always had an eye on each others work and felt attracted by it but their first joint project started with Fusc in 2017 when both met again in Berlin. They started to work with textiles as its very easy to find used clothes laying in the streets here. But after a while they found the biggest potential in old bicycle parts such as rubber tubes, wheels and spokes. By sewing the tubes and soldering the wheels they produce very unique pieces of jewellery and fashion. Both believe that working with used materials is a win win situation for us and the environment. The idea may not be new but it still needs to be more included in every kind of industry because organic and upcycling fashion still has this boring grey and green nature image. With Fusc they want to find a new way of conquering the streets and clubs with fashion made of materials with a history.

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