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kiev / ukraine


kiev national institute of technology and design

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Ivan Frolov showed his premiere full collection at Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2014, at the time studying engineering, design technology and construction at Kiev National University of Technology and Design. Then Vogue Ukraine called him one of the most promising country’s designers.

Sex and intelligent provocation are the cross-cutting motive of the designer’s collections. Referring to the images of BDSM and travesti subcultures, he explores the boundaries of sexuality and sex in his creativity.

Aesthetical provocation is followed by deep research of tailoring techniques and human anatomy. FROLOV designs are defined by complex streamlined tailoring, delicately built silhouette and large amount of handwork. Statement accessories, be that BDSM-themed metal jewelry, balaclavas, embroidered with Poltava satin stitch or “gender” accessories with fringe and crystals - became the landmark of the brand and complement the theme of every collection.

The designer values sincerity and authenticity of expression. This is reflected in FROLOV logo – a heart, permanently present in his collections as decoration.

"I want people to feel comfortable, liberated and ready for anything – whoever wears the design and wherever his day or night will lead him".

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