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Liège / belgium

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*Born in 1990 in Liege, François Lacroix grew up in an artistic environment thanks to his parents who worked in the fashion field. They have transmitted their sense of composition, their mastery of the subtleties of a colour chart and their love of materials to their son who instinctively developped his taste for fashion and design from an early age.

In 2014, he obtained with honours his Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design - Model & Pattern Maker from Saint-Luc Superior School of Arts in Liège. His studies combined technical skills such as cutting, sewing and pattern making with more creative dimensions including the creation of books and mood boards. Acquiring such a wide range of skills enabled him to design several collections from sketches to finished product.

He presented his latest collection, "Another World - The Girl From The Abyss", at Brussels Fashion Days. It consists of a delicate combination of sweetness and powerful intensity directly inspired by the abyssal world. Its pristine universe, its silent and cold darkness set in a harsh desert where the diaphanous beauty of translucent creatures reigns is what inspired the creator.
Ambivalence and duality mark the style of François Lacroix, constantly oscillating between strength and sensitivity. His collections reflect his search for the perfect harmony between fluid movements, transparent net fabrics, and subtle details - providing a sense of freedom - as opposed to a strong opaque and raw structure, creating a feeling of reassurance.
His codes give birth to collections of pure spirit, playing on the visible and the invisible, the hidden and the exhibited, not forgetting the work of noble fabrics as well as more technical ones, providing a casual sophistication.

François is currently working on an accessory line including bags and scarves composed with his own patterns, in the highest respect of manufacturing codes: handmade with love in his beloved Belgium.

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