Fou Jewellery

Grey Sheep


birmingham / United Kingdom


birmingham institute of art & design [biad]

Graduation year


Fou Jewellery is a unique brand with a focus on fascinating patterns and forms found in nature, exuding an unusual and gothic aesthetic.

The collections have been created using traditional jewellery making techniques alongside cutting-edge technology.

"Drawing inspiration from the natural world and my surroundings, I challenge myself to create collections which are thoughtful and engaging, and made to the highest standard possible.
With the new technology that is available to the jewellery industry, I feel it is important to experiment, and develop the way in which jewellery items are designed and created, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Fou Jewellery takes advantage of this modern technology by creating organic and elegant jewellery items, some of which, would be almost impossible to create by hand."-Cassandra Bassett, Founder.

The brand logo is representative of the fierce horns of a beetle, whilst also embodying the form of a wild exotic plant or flower, bringing together two forms of life, with the black silhouetted styling finally tying in the brand's dark, gothic influence.

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