Form over Function

Grey Sheep


minneapolis / united states

Form over Function is dual purposed design house, creating unisex RTW collections and designing custom performing clothing for musicians. FOF UNISEX has an urban and rocker aesthetic, while using convertibility and an innovative sizing system to accommodate all gender preferences. Textural inspiration is derived from natural and man made landscapes and adorns signature styles, with a focus on outerwear. FOF UNISEX strives to combat the black and white segmentation of male and female stereotypes to allow dressing for a wide spectrum of gender preferences, to suit the taste of the individual. A combination of high quality materials, textural development, and convertibility makes FOF UNISEX an innovative pioneer in unisex fashion.

Form over Function also provides the collaborative service, ALIAS, for musicians and bands to create custom garments for stage performance. The primary goal of ALIAS is to visualize the musical aesthetic of an artist into a powerful and identifiable image. By analyzing influences and image, ALIAS combines art with the practicality of performance movement. ALIAS guides clients through the custom design process, working with musicians to develop a unique appearance for the stage.

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