Black Sheep


melbourne / Australia


rmit melbourne

Born in India and based in Melbourne, Srinvanti Roymoulik's research-driven project is based on the principles of art therapy. ’Use of Textiles in Art Therapy’ explores rhythm and repetition, and how these concepts can manifest in textiles and garment making and are formed through a process that creates garments which generate rhythmic responses in our body. The project highlights the importance of rhythm and repetition in therapy, exhibiting the concept of ‘flow’ in a garment. It is an attempt to analyse and explore the research which states that optimal creative experiences are more likely to occur when a task is repeated certain number of times with extreme focus and attention, to a point that this becomes a rhythmic reflective response. This very state of ‘flow’ is therapeutic (Collier, Wayment & Birkett 2016). In future, she wants to study the use of textiles for therapeutic purposes in a much deeper sense in order to understand the contribution and the significance of textiles and textile making procedures to heal people.

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