Florence Morris-Clarke

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london college of fashion

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Dancing on the boundary between fantasy and reality, Florence creates pieces that ignite desire and evoke curiosity.
A celebration of modern femininity, empowerment and desire, each garment develops as a journey from concept to final product that grows and transforms with each stage.

Handcrafted with immaculate attention to detail, each piece incorporates elements of both traditional and avant-garde lingerie/swimwear construction.
Playing between what is outerwear and what is underwear; these uniquely ornate garments juxtapose overly opulent elements with innovative and athletic construction, creating a refreshed and captivating aesthetic.

Florence aspires to create a harmonious and intimate connection between the wearer and the garment. The result is a product that not only becomes an aesthetic celebration, but also an extension of the wearer’s most true and honest self.
“What is so special about intimate apparel is that the audience is select. There is no conscious or subconscious need to conform to societal expectation. A new depth is created between the wearer’s raw self and her fantasies and aspirational ideas of who she wants to become. What I create, allows this depth to be explored”.

London-based designer Florence grew up on the outskirts of the city with an unstoppable desire to create. With a background in dance, fine art and three-dimensional design Florence has refined these creative outlets to ultimately create a truly unique and refreshed perspective of what defines intimate apparel.

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