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Originating as a daydream, ❁FLORAL SEA❁ (or The House of ❁FLORAL SEA❁ ) is a contemporary fashion house, conceptual lifestyle brand, and design studio based in sunny Austin, Texas. Setting a new POV within sustainable + ethical fashion, FLORAL SEA’s mission is to pioneer a new style movement that prioritizes fashion-forward aesthetics, cultural representation, and individualistic style at the forefront of design and brand experience — exhibiting how both creative expression and sustainability can coexist in contemporary luxury fashion. The FLORAL SEA collection showcases a full-range of entry-luxury clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and fashion accessories conceptualized, designed, and handmade-to-order in a home studio. The independent designer label is known for its reinvention of the flower symbol and 'floral-inspired' design aesthetic. Redefining floral print, the brand refabricates the flower symbol through founder and designer, west's, personal art style to showcase a conceptual representation of Black and Latinx culture. FLORAL SEA envisions a future where sustainable fashion is Black. Latinx. Multicultural. Style inclusive. Colorful. Unapologetically YOU. Regardless of your personal style and who you are, sustainability should see you. Sustainability should represent you.

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