Fiona K.

Black Sheep


zürich / switzerland


zurich university of the arts

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Fiona K is an Industrial Designer whose passion for colour and dreamy designs moved her to found a fashion brand. Her design studio is located in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. Here, surrounded by vintage objects, music and people who inspire her work, Fiona creates uniquely whimsical silk scarves. Her meticulously handcrafted illustrations are printed on premium-quality silk in the beautiful Swiss Alps. All designs are produced as highly limited art editions of 20 to 50 pieces.

In 2017 Fiona won the Blickfang Design Price for her concept of combining storytelling with fashion, featuring personalities from around the globe in her designs. Her work is exceptionally creative and keeps you discovering hidden details and quirky objects every time you let your eyes wander. Her products range from small pocket squares, casual silk scarves for men and women to long and fine shawls.

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