Fili Pari

Black Sheep


milan / italy


politecnico of milan

Fili Pari fashion label sprung from the desire to tell new stories and create atmospheres to give a sense of innovation and emotion by using a unique mix of research, project and creativity. The reinterpretation of fashion and styling through the continuous research of original material and fibers is at the heart of this project. The brand was launched in 2014 and its name, while evoking the realm of the textile industry, is itself the anagram of the two founders: Fripi and Ali.
The investigation of new materials and innovative solutions lead to the development of Veromarmo: a patented wearable microfilm made out of marble powder. The membrane is waterproof, windproof, breathable and flame retardant. The soft base color comes from the variety of marble chosen; this makes the membrane soft to the touch with a rubber-like feeling given by the calcium carbonate that the rock is composed of. The perception of the marble itself shifts from cold, heavy and immobile to warm, light and moving.

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