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The tale behind Fides Poenica brand is a chronology of endurance, passion and persistence.

With a mystique that surrounds it’s founder - a law graduate, harpist, painter, poetess, human rights activist and dissident blogger – Fides Poenica transcends the boundaries between art and science, realizing creations that defy categorization.

INNOVATION is the main principle as well as fundamental element of the brand. In it’s relatively short period of existence Fides Poenica has disrupted the overly static craft of jewelry making with numerous technical innovations, revolutionary solutions and pending patents.

I~FLEXI GOLD (SILVER)~ by applying advanced nano technology, thin layers of precious metal are fused with flexible organic base derived from gum arabic. The result is highly flexible gold (or silver) alloy that can be used in a wide variety of jewelry creations, particularly in soft, easily bendable tight-to-neck chokers and tight-to-wrist cuff bracelets.

II~GOLDIVM ALPHA~ the starting point of the research was an ancient Korean technique (usually Latinized as Keum-boo), in which thin, hammered gold is applied on silver with heat and pressure. In Fides Poenica’s innovative process silver is replaced with high-tech dental ceramics (used by dental technicians for restorative appliances - crowns, bridges, and alike). The new material obtained in the process, having pure gold on the surface and biocompatible ceramics as the base, is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and ultra light. These characteristics make it particularly suitable to be worn on the ears where weight is of crucial importance, and where big, chunky, statement jewelry pieces often cause discomfort and sagging ear lobs. Due to it’s very low weight, the material can also be used to create ultra-light jewelry pieces suitable for attaching to various parts of the body (hand, face, torso...) using hypoallergenic, formaldehyde-free adhesive (a.k.a. eyelash glue).

III~BENDABLE GOLD (SILVER) LACE~ the lace-resembling jewelry has been on the market for years, but being made entirely of metal, using cast of real lace or laser cut, it inevitably comes as heavy and rigid. The 3-component gold (or silver) lace invented by Fides Poenica lab is ultra light, soft and easily bendable, which makes it suitable for creating wide variety of jewelry pieces, particularly for tight-to-neck chokers.

IV~FIDES POENICA PEARLS~ the inspiration was the unknown-to-public process of creating Ohrid pearls, which is a secret family tradition passed down from one generation to another. The only available information was that pearly emulsion is made of powdered scales of the little fish “Plasica”, which exists only in Lake Ohrid, and that was a starting point. After a significant amount of dedicated work, and numerous experiments, Fides Poenica created it’s own formula for pearly emulsion, and while in the traditional process it is applied on marble beads, which makes Ohrid pearls heavy and not comfortable to wear in a large quantity, Fides Poenica applies emulsion on the light, bicompatible high-tech ceramics. As a result, one jewelry piece can contain many Fides Poenica pearls while remaining super light, which is of crucial importance particularly for the jewelry worn on the ears.

V~WOVEN GOLD (SILVER)~ an in-house developed technology where gold or silver is interwoven with silk or cotton threads. Even though it contains metal, the resulting texture is soft and flexible, suitable to be used not only for jewelry but also in the fashion industry, as a revolutionary precious metal textile.

VI~MAGNETIC IMPLANTS~ the particles with magnetic properties are implanted into ultra light biocompatible materials and used for creating jewelry pieces that can be comfortably worn over the entire ear (ear lobs, cartilage or tragus) without any piercing.

VII~DETACHABLE MINIATURE PAINTINGS~ oils and acrylics are infused with magnetic particles and used for creating miniature paintings that can be attached to the choker necklaces and cuff bracelets and worn as a jewelry. They can also be detached, thus they switch from jewelry to the pieces of fine art.

VIII~DETACHABLE MINIATURE STAINED GLASS~ created using an in-house developed glass paste formula.

IX~FIDES POENICA DRUZY~ inspired by an old Indian technique in which semi-precious stones are ground to powder, mixed with glue and used as enamel, FIDES POENICA went a step further by mixing roughly ground crystals, pigments and semi-precious stones together with an in-house developed bonding agent, to create colorful, druzy-like textures.

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