Grey Sheep


vilnius / lithuania

FG ATELIER was created to make life easier for professional, modern women who want to look sharp and feminine at work with minimal time and effort. We believe that working women have no shortage of decisions to make every day and choosing what to wear today to the office can be quite a daunting task. That is why the main aim of FG ATELIER is to help build an efficient working wardrobe, so women can enjoy hassle-free mornings and have more time and energy to take care of other important tasks and aspects of their life. Each piece of FG ATELIER collection is individually designed, hand-crafted and perfected by the in-house team to deliver exceptional quality and attention to detail. From couture-inspired techniques to carefully sourced fabrics, every FG ATELIER has a story to tell. Making every garment in the in-house studio ensures that the brand can provide extraordinary standards of quality. From initial sketch to the final product - every step is carefully carried out by a dedicated team of professionals.

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