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My name is Tonia and I’m a Director of Sales at a Hotelier Company based in Greece. Some hours of the day, you can find me analyzing and promoting our Hotel Business while some other I’m typically busy organizing and arranging all the needed details for Fetolia, together with our lovely team.

For me, Tourism and Fashion are a passion I’ve been chasing for many years. I guess you could say I’m living the dream. With an extensive background in Hospitality, I am an expert on Hotels and Tourism. This work led me to my current role at Fetolia where I was finally able to combine my dreams.

I remember when I was a little girl, in a trip to Paris with my mother, the picture of gorgeous Melina Merkouri on the wall of a French restaurant, wearing a head scarf, next to her husband had stuck on my mind. She looked so beautiful and self-confident. That moment was crucial for my future.

After travelling to many countries over the years I was able to focus also on my love in the fashion industry which was inherited from my family, who, has been in the textile business for ages, and this is how the idea of Fetolia was born. In fact and to be honest, there was always inside me the strong love for the textile art so I’ve spent the last years learning everything there is to know about the fashion scarf industry, from the unique prints, especially designed for our brand by selected artists, to special textile materials such as the exceptional silk qualities we are using for the production of our scarves.

I’m currently applying this knowledge in my role for Fetolia, where me and my team are here to revolutionize fashion designer scarves for men & women with our unique proposition of exclusive, top quality scarves.
Cherishing the moments it took us to get here we are now proud to place our scarves in many shops worldwide. Fetolia represents unique brand values for the sustainability and is dedicated to the protection of the environment as well as keeping the ethics code.

We are a small team that consists of young and eager professionals that wish to create the new trends in Scarf Industry and after taking that into consideration we always reach for the stars and sky is our limit! all our scarves are of excellent quality of silk and organic cotton in some cases and are produced under strict ethical and enviromental rules. we fight for a better future on our planet.

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    Medusa's flower 100% SILK SCARF 90*90

    the power of life PREMIUM 100% SILK SCARF 90*90

  • the olympian gods premium 100% silk scarF 90*90


    ANIMAL PRINT premium 100% silk scarF 90*90