Fernando Echeverria

Black Sheep



prague / czech republic


Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

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czech republic

Fernando Echeverria decided to rescue the tradition broken one generation before him, moving and studying in the Academy of Arts and Design in Prague, and now creating and producing in the iconic Arts&design house "SmetanaQ" in the center of Prague.
The brand applies traditional European techniques to the design and handmade production of contemporary and conceptual shoes and bags.
All Echeverria’s products are a balance of contemporary design, traditional craft and function giving as a result unique leather treasures.
Fernando Echeverria Ruiz is a product designer, specialized in Footwear and Accessories design in the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague , and as well instructed in the traditional handmade welted shoes making by the well-known Shoemaker Martin Lawart.


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