Grey Sheep



madrid / spain


universidad complutense de madrid

Graduation year


Until 2008 I worked in graphic design and advertising. I left this field in order to be able to develop my creativity with total freedom. Since that time, I have dedicated myself to promoting artistic actions in public spaces, which has allowed me to collaborate with renowned urban artists and artistic groups.

In addition, I have also carried out anonymous artistic installations with light in public spaces.

In 2006 I began to write a blog, floresenelatico.es, which has become a point of reference for all those interested in non-conventional artistic initiatives.

Since 2010 I have been creating my accessories, at first for my own use, which I enjoyed and less than 1 year ago I opened a jewelry workshop, in which I have been working in an artisanal manner, to create my FEEAS "made to dislike".

My pieces have been created reusing items bought in antique shops and flea markets, most of them have been in existence for more than a century.

I am interested in giving new life to pieces that have ceased to be useful in regards to the purpose for which they were created, but that still have much formal interest, especially when taken out of context.

These objects have their own stories, having been used by people who lived in other parts of the world and at other times, I have tried to retain their spirit subtlely intervening in them, with the idea that in a future someone would want to return it to its original use.

Some are beautiful without the need for any manipulation, and others are “more functional”, they acquire an unsuspected interest when combined with other different styles, gaining a more aesthetic use.

Once the materials are chosen, I handcraft each piece so that it is unique and unrepeatable.

My aspiration is not that people embellish themselves with more or less aesthetic objects; but to dress up without any complex in intangible and invisible sensations. In summary, I want people to attach to the lapel or hang to the neck nostalgic dosages, memories, dreams that graze nightmares, paranoias, discomforts and doubts. What each one prefer in that moment.

They are not meant to be pieces of jewelry to use, but small objects of art, with a somewhat macabre appearance.

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